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10.-13.10.2020, Talinn, Estonsko. Rozhodčí: Jan Egil Eide (NOR), Svetlana Zolotnikova (EST)

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Místem měla být multifunkční hala Tondiraba v Talinnu. Umělá tráva byla vybrána česká JUTAGrass Play Comfort, na které se rovněž běhalo v ročníku 2017 a 2018.

Akce byla zrušena. Oznámeno oficiálně 22.4.2020. Vyjádření pořadatelů:

Dear reader,
I hope this mail will find all of you and your family in good health.
The whole world is seriously influenced by the Covid-19 virus pandemic. Nevertheless the Estonian Kennel Union and the 2020 FCI Agility World Championship organizing team has continued with preparation to welcome participants and spectators from all over the world to Tallinn, Estonia. The situation worldwide changed dramatically in March 2020. 
We were optimistic and waiting for news of the situation improving, but unfortunately this is not the case. Almost all European countries are closed for a not defined time, but at least until the summer. Many flights are being canceled, ferry lines are closed, restrictions for border crossings etc. Also dog training is practically impossible.
The Criteria for qualification for the FCI Agility World Championship differs in each country. Normally the qualification is based upon some tournament or a series of tournaments. For all of the countries it is impossible to complete them now and we even do not know at this moment if they can be held at all.
Most of the teams that would come to the FCI World Championship are without proper training and tournaments practice. We also see that some countries are stricter in quarantine than others, this doesn’t provide fair conditions for all possible participants.
The countries are beginning to relieve the restrictions. For now those are very small steps toward normal conditions. The experts are suggesting that public events with many participants should not be allowed lightly and we do not know yet whether FCI Agility World Championship is allowed to happen in September.
The participants, Judges, spectators and organizers would also be put into danger by going to judge a tournament with participants from more than 40 countries from all over the world. That is als a risk we do not want to take.
Taking into account all of the above mentioned the organizing team and Estonian Kennel Union have decided on April 22nd  that the FCI Agility World Championship cannot be held this year and Estonian Kennel Union will submit an application to the FCI to host the 25th FCI Agility World Championship on 2021.
I hope you all will agree with our decision that in the present situation and also the months to come, a lot of very important things will have priority over the FCI Agility World Championship.
Thank you in advance for your understanding and we hope to see you all safe and healthy soon.
On behalf of 2020 FCI Agility World Championship organizing team
Best regards,
Indrek Tirmaste

Do stejného místa je naplánováno MS 2021, které proběhne v termínu 23.-26.9.2021

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