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27.-30.8.2020, Wichtrach, Švýcarsko. Rozhodčí:

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Akce byla zrušena. Oznámeno 15.3.2020. Vyjádření pořadatelů:

Unfortunately, due to the current Corona situation, we are forced to cancel our beloved event IMCA-PAWC-2020.
We are aware that this seems very early and our event may have taken place at the end of August… .. but: We have been recommended by the BAG (Bundesamt für Gesundheit) to assess it now, as it is expected that the Corona virus will remain active for at least another 7 months. In any case, we have to apply for approval, and given the kind of event it is doubtful that we will get it.
A) We have more than 100 participants
B) We come together with many nationalities with all kind of travel problems of which we don’t know for how long this will take.
C) Fear of a new outbreak of Covid19 should absolutely be avoided
D) Our event is held with a very high-risk group.
Since not only Switzerland but the whole of Europe (and more) has been affected by this virus, several countries are having trouble with their schedules of the qualifying matches.
We have consulted with the international board and the Event organization IMCA/PAWC 2020 and have come to the conclusion that damage, by canceling now, can be limited.
For example, we IMCA/PAWC 2020 have already received the first emails from sponsors who withdraw their sponsorship due to the financial damage that these companies are now suffering from the Covid19 situation.
We regret having to take this step. We hope, however, that the concept is greater than the sadness and that we will all be able to meet again at a top event next year, in full health!

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