European Open 2021

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22.-25.7.2021, Abrantes, Portugalsko. Rozhodčí: Roman Lukáč (SVK), Martin Shoffelmeer (NLD), Luís Narciso (PRT), Domingos Carneiro (PRT), Neil Hellis (GBR), Jordi Navarro (ESP)

Místem měl být sportovní komplex Estádio Municipal de Abrantes. V tomto místě se mělo konat EO, JOAWC a Border Collie Classic.

O akci

Všechny plánované akce v Abrantes byly zrušeny koncem ledna 2021. Vyjádření pořadatelů, v němž zazněl návrh na posunutí EO a JOAWC na rok 2022. Tomuto návrhu nebylo ze strany FCI vyhověno a pořadatelem ročníku 2022 bude Belgie.

EO and JOAWC2021
Dear Agility Competitors
After having a light of hope in mid-December, when consulting specialists in the field of statistics and virology, we saw the organization of the Agility events EO2021 and JOAWC2021 as very likely, having pointed to a Go / No Go decision in late April. We are now facing a substantial worsening of the Pandemic  situation, mainly in Portugal. 
In view of this change, the opinion of the consulted experts has changed and they now foresee that it is not possible to safely organize any event with a large group of people, before the end of next summer. So we cannot guarantee safety conditions for all participants in these events.
Our Proposal: Considering the above and taking into account what has already been verified for the case of the FCI 2020 World Tallinn, whose postponement was authorized to 2021 due to the pandemic situation in 2020 and given that it is not in our hands to change the situation, we propose: The authorization for the postponement to the year 2022 of the EO2021 and the JOAWC 2021 to be held in Portugal, in the city of Abrantes, along the same lines as foreseen for 2021, with the same judges and with the following amendment: In order to give a fair chance to the juniors born in 2002 and 2003, who will not be of regulatory age in 2022, a chance to say goodbye to the JOAWC, create an exceptional class for these two age groups. These participants will be allowed to compete for a single trophy and without continuity, in order to have a goodbye worthy of the junior competitions. Each participant will be allowed to participate with one dog alone.

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